Monday, May 28, 2007



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Why did you choose the concepts you did to create your problem set?

I chose the concepts to create my problems for my DEV because i thought they best suit my interests and understanding. I wanted to base the concepts around ideas that i see or have seen in a real life situation.

How do these problems provide an overview of your best mathematical understanding of what you have learned so far?

I do not think the problems provide a complete overview of my best mathematical understanding of what i have learned so far. I do think the problems i have chosen cover an overall area understanding of what i hav elearned so far but not the whole pacakage.

Did you learn anything from this assignment?

I learned that making a video takes a lot of time and editing ( hopefully i have no mistakes =\). I learned to word a problem so that it is easy for someone to understand. I learned that annotation is important, when trying to talk to someone. In this case, visually present a topic and teach it, without talking to that person. The annotations combined with each step to solve a problem is like the voice of me (developing expert "voices").

Did you learn anything from this assignment? Was it educationally valuable to you? (Be honest with this. If you got nothing out of this assignment then say that, but be specific about what you didn't like and offer a suggestion to improve it in the future.)

I did learn from this assignment. A project requires brainstorming and time to make everything come together. I learned to manage my time so everything fell into place. I also think it was educationally valuable because i am the educator, the teacher. I had to put my self in a position to teach a topic or idea. I have one suggestion, that i think would be great. Although it might make future DEV-iasts sad. each Dev-er could take their best question and post it on a blog along with other DEV-er's top questions. The blog would feature the best work, one piece (one of the four questions) from each student. Everyone can see their peers best questions on the blog. People who do their project late, can get ideas from people who post their DEV's early. The best questions would be based from the marking rubric, such as annotation.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Everything Begins Here

Hello everybody welcome to M1rk's Dev Blog. Check out the video i made for my DEV =), it's awesome!